A quiet moment.

Get comfy I said, just have a quiet moment.
quiet moment

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  1. Looks like quiet moments at my house… they don’t often last long…


  2. Love how the dog listened to the instructions as well.


  3. They look so comfy it makes me want to snuggle up with them. I especially like that little sister is in her big sister’s lap. And the upside-down brother. What is it about being upside-down that boys love so much?


  4. So funny, but then I’ve always thought that Bonnie was half Yogi /half dog, and Gruff is obviously going the same way….. but hopefully not the dog bit! A really lovely drawing of happy children, thank you x


  5. Gruff is a natural yogi, he can even get both legs behind his head. Puts my meagre attempts to shame!


    • Ha, I was right…he’ll be a Yogi master before he’s 10! Personally, I could never stop giggling in yoga classes- all those funny positions set everyone off “breaking wind”, I think we’ll say!


  6. Guardian Mentor

    I really love the feeling that your short post and pictures give me. They sum up everything. You really know the art.


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