Black dog Friday.

A lovely antidote to going out and killing for a television is to hug a black dog. All better now?
black friday


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  1. Now that’s more like it! My kind of dog day!

  2. AaaaaaarrrrrrhhhhhhhHhh! Nothing beats hugging a dog ..

  3. Yes, this is my kind of “black Friday”. 😀

  4. I’d much rather hug a dog of any color than fight over merchandise in a store. Any day.

  5. beautiful…as are all black dogs…really all dogs in the world!

  6. One dog and her boy – yes, the world’s nicer now, thank you!

  7. Much better. (Black cat Friday would work too.)

  8. found your blog yesterday and hunted down the book 🙂 thought you were doodling our family! 😉

  9. petsatferrettphotography

    Im so glad I found your blog. I love your doodle’s especially your dogs 😉 You are so talented. Would love you to doodle my two monsters !!!!

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