Decorate the halls…

…oh, hello December what brings you around here so quickly. I’m feeling a little unprepared for you this year. No panic, there’s a full 576 hours to go.
decorate the halls

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  1. Feminine and Feline

    I just love all of these.


  2. Another great drawing!! I love the ones with Cats…. It may be because my name is Cat…also that I love those little fuzzy guys! 😉 Oh and hey, thanks so much for breaking it down into hours for me – kind of puts things in a different perspective. lol…


  3. Uhoh the cats love Xmas too.


  4. Surely decorations are supposed to go up on Christmas Eve?


  5. Don’t forget Advent – it’s wonderful time of anticipation before Christmas – I bet Arnie would love to play with an advent crown but use battery-powered candles, safety first! 🙂

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