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Happy New Year.

Another one eh? Where did the last one go? Arnie doesn’t remember, he slept through most of it.

The Tin Soldier.

Ah, forgot how it ended, oops. Definitely not Disney…Yes Evie it was a terrible ending…(for the soldier and the ballerina).
Sorry they melted and burned in the fire.
Evie is disgusted that a child would do that to his toys, Gruff can’t get over that the child has access to a real fire (not worrying at all…).

tin soldier

Dog on a mission.

Who’s taking who for a walk today Bonnie? Some days you would think she has never, ever come across another dog before! Slow down!
dog on a mission

The unicorn.

Have I mentioned that Santa brought Evie a very big, fluffy, glow in the dark unicorn for Christmas?

Happy Christmas.

I’m hemmed in by a sea of wrapping paper, a huge fluffy glow in the dark unicorn, a talking robot, random lego and a Hadrian’s wall of toys. The kids are having a whale of a time as I’m on cleaning strike.

Hope yours was a peaceful one with lots of sprouts.
hibernate 2014

Christmas Eve.

I normally can’t get them to bed.
No you cannot got to bed yet! It’s only half past six in the evening…
christmas eve


Myles and myself have been making Christmas crackers for the kids to pull on Christmas Day. We’ve even managed to get hold of some snaps to create the bang (if they manage to pull them apart as I’ve used far too much sticky tape).


Chocolate wrapper roulette.

Find a chocolate amid a sea of empty wrappers.
choccie roulette

Great cake mistakes.

So when is the best time to realise that you forgot to add flour to your Christmas cake recipe?
a) Five minutes into cooking.
b) One hour into cooking.
Answers to the console yourself in brandy woman at Doodlemum.
bad cake

Sing along…

…if you have Mum’s headphones and you have no idea how loud your singing is.

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