Fudge is a young sheepdog and she loves to play with Bonnie in the park. When the opportunity arises, Fudge likes nothing better than to steal Bonnie’s ball and spend the next twenty minutes or so prancing around in front of her with her prize.

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  1. LOL! Our 40 lb. lab mix is too polite to actually steal the 10 lb. Chihuahua’s chew bone. But she will take it when it’s not being guarded. Then, in an act of passive-aggression, quickly devour the whole thing before he discovers what happened.


  2. The Vizsla likes to do that to the beagle. He gets the toy, the rawhide, whatever, then runs around giving the beagle noogies and showing off his prize!

    It’s just like kids!



  3. And Bonnie is too sweet-natured to take it back.


  4. Sounds familiar, Ellie does that or she will drop a ball at Bob’s feet. The other day he simply sat on the ball.


  5. Fudge, eh? We all know it makes a good Xmas pressie, chopped into little pieces! (Only joking!)


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