Thanks Gruff, I feel so much better now.
party like its your birthday

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  1. Well I for one hope you get there!


  2. Hahahaha!!!! That’s a bit better than the remark I got the other day. From my step-granddaughter. ‘So Judith,what can you tell me about the 1st WW?’😳


    • My 13 year old niece really does think that the 1970s were “the olden days”! They were before her time, so, as far as she’s concerned, pre-history. As I was born in 1959, I probably belong to the same geological era as the dinosaurs!


  3. Out of the mouths….. It really does seem to happen that fast!


  4. Is your Birthday approaching? If so, Birthday wishes winging your way! A youthful looking friend of mine is a school secretary, and on her 42nd Birthday, one of the teachers told her class of 6 year olds, and gave my friend’s age as 102….none of them batted an eyelid! If you’re under ten, twenty five is as old as 105!


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