Bonnie is an expert at pilfering my handbag. I really should learn by now not to leave it on the chair in the room she sleeps in when I go out.
Today’s items recovered from the pilferer’s crate were two odd gloves ( well they’re black, no one notices when I wear them and I’m sure the other matching two are in the hallway), and a hat.
Maybe tomorrow I should leave a rak of clothes for her to browse through?

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  1. I love your idea of leaving a clothing selection. Maybe she thinks she’s shopping! So cute! I hope she doesn’t get into wastebaskets like a certain dog I know…


  2. these drawings are the cutest drawings in the world and connote LIFE…they transcend that they are drawn…they are so real! <3!


  3. Yes, she’s got her accessories sorted, time for a warm winter coat! My husband’s dog used to pilfer, but only for food. The only uneaten items were watercress , cucumbers and onions- although she did at least try them before refusing to eat them, unlike my daughter!


  4. ah, the pilfer hound. i too have one of this breed.
    am so enjoying your sketches, only recently discovered but now can’t imagine life without them. bonus, the book arrived and i love that too 🙂


  5. Your scent on the gloves and hat must comfort her when you’re out.


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