Off to bed, feeling very sorry for myself. Bah humbug.

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  1. get well cuz I love my new doodlemum book which just arrived today! <3!!!


  2. At least you’ll be better before Christmas – and great excuse for hot toddy! 🙂


  3. Ha ha ha! When my husband and I first got married, he had a boxer who thought she was the wife and I was the mistress. And she almost won, too, because her gas was so terrible! She’d try to stink me out every time he was at work.


  4. Oh you poor thing, you do look poorly. So sorry you’ve got the dreaded winter lurgy , I hope it goes soon and your kids don’t get it- or at least, not until you’re better- Mums often have to drag themselves from their sickbeds to attend to their offspring’s ailments/ homework/ tea…strangely, Dads rarely do! Take care ( and plenty of tissues! x)


  5. Oh no, hope you feel better soon. Perhaps it’s better to get the bugs over with before Christmas.
    My nan used to recommend a rum toddy, she believed rum has stronger lurgy defences than whisky/whiskey. Nans recipe: rum, honey, half a lemon squeezed into a glass/mug of hot water, plus a slice of the lemon to make it look pretty and a cinnamon stick to stir. or alternatively, one third rum two thirds hot lemonade, the kids can drink the rest (of the lemonade).


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