Don’t blink…

Millie has told Evie and Gruff that there is a weeping angel at the top of the tree…
weeping tree angel-2

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  1. Hahahaha. Sisters can be so cruel. Poor boy.


  2. I hope they’re sleeping all right tonight, as a result of Millie’s enthusiasm for Dr. Who!


  3. Oh that’s so wicked! And yet so cool! LOL


  4. Tell ’em it can be got rid of by going ‘DELETE. DELETE. DELETE…’


  5. A weeping angel? Give her a chocolate, that will make her smile! (I know nothing about Dr Who, but a lot about the restorative powers of chocolate!)


  6. I know nothing about Dr. Who but I got goosebumps when I imagined a weeping angel.


  7. That is too funny! I will have to try that on my daughter! (She is much older, but a big fan.)


  8. Your sketches always make me smile, but this one got me laughing out loud!


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