Wrapping paper.

Can somebody tell me how to carry rolls of wrapping paper without looking like a drunk giraffe?
wrapping paper

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  1. haha! Good stuff.


  2. Answer: You can’t! πŸ™‚


  3. No.

    It can’t be done.


  4. Ahh! so funny !! Festive Greetings from South Africa to the Doodlemum.


  5. No, but even worse is how the rolls seem to be like violent toddlers- either bashing you on the nose/neck/knees, or escaping when you’re eyes are averted for half a second! On the plus side, you’ve got great legs!

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  6. Put an elastic band around all of them and attach a little ribbon to hold them with? (Inspired on the French way of carrying a box from the patisserie)


  7. You’ve got three smurfs – where were they?


  8. Our local liquor store sells re-usable shopping bags with 6 compartments for bottles (heh) – also works fantastically well for carrying empty milk bottles back to the shop AND carrying and storing rolls of Christmas wrap


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