Stand in.

Arnie’s standing in tonight as it’s been just one of those days. Over to you Arnie, tell them the one about the time you got stuck on the roof…for two days and how me just barely pregnant with Gruff, scaled my neighbours back wall to get you down.
over to Arnie

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  1. Awwww! I ‘d have scaled a wall too, for Arnie πŸ™‚


  2. Do you really think that a CAT (sorry about capitals, can’t do italics), would remember such bravery and altruism, and repay the debt, five years later?! No way ( as they say). Bonnie, on the other paw, would still be wagging her tail in gratitude and being your faithful servant until the end of time! However, Arnie is probably a tougher security guard….


  3. Ahhh – such a sweet memory. Pregnant women will do the most insane things – we must feel like superwoman some days. Reminds me of my beloved cat Vive [in looks as well] – fearlessly sitting on the edge of our balcony – 29 floors up.


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