Great cake mistakes.

So when is the best time to realise that you forgot to add flour to your Christmas cake recipe?
a) Five minutes into cooking.
b) One hour into cooking.
Answers to the console yourself in brandy woman at Doodlemum.
bad cake


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  1. I am not a cake baker. I once made a cake and just before putting it in the oven, I wondered why the eggs were still sitting on the counter! Thankfully, the cake still came out great. A work of God!

  2. You are not alone. I once left the oatmeal out of the oatmeal raisin cookies. I was very curious as to why they didn’t rise. It wasn’t until my father ate one that he clued in on my forgetfulness. But they were still good!

  3. One hour in – by then it’s too late to try to fix anything, so you might as well find out if you’ve invented something!

  4. A couple of days ago I almost made lasagne with a jar of Hellman’s mayonnaise instead of béchamel sauce!

  5. Haha! I’ve done that, just waiting for the cake to come out of the oven, opened the fridge and found it was still full of eggs. My commiserations, hope the brandy helps

  6. I made my son’s birthday cake on Thursday only to find out that, at some undeterminate point, the gas had stopped working! It turns out that cake batter doesn’t especially suffer from being left in a cold oven before a second bake and thus far nobody’s reported food poisoning. I don’t think Mary Berry would approve though.

  7. Oops. Maybe it will be a new kind of wonderful fruit-brownie-ish sort of a thing, and then you can give us all the recipe 🙂
    (Last year I made my cake just perfectly, and then after four hours of cooking, dropped the whole thing upside down on the floor. We still ate the crumbled bits and it was delicious, but the presentation lacked something…)
    Happy Christmas, and thank you for making me smile every day with your drawings 🙂

  8. I think you have just made a gluten free fruity mousse thingy! Serve it with ice cream, it will be lovely. My dear departed Mum was a hopeless cake baker, partly due to our temperamental Aga. I remember asking once what she was making, as she banged a tray into the oven. Her reply? ..”It depends how burnt it is when it comes out!” I once left the butter out of a Christmas cake- my neighbour and I just melted it on to the partly cooked cake, I shoved it back into the oven, and hey presto, a delicious cake!

  9. You’re a creative person and, more importantly, a great mum, so I have complete faith that you’ll have made something wonderful from the cake when it eventually appeared! Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for your lovely drawings 🙂

  10. Just keep it to yourself- apart from us of course! No one will ever know unless you tell them AND if they DO ask? It’s in the recipe. Ta dah xxxxx

  11. I forgot to add flour to peanut butter cookies once. I was wondering why there were so few!

  12. eek! oh dear, but nevermind, i’m sure it will still be good. or interesting, at least.
    i’m lurgified at the moment, this post and it’s comments have made me chuckle (best possible medicine)… ‘cos, we’ve all done things like that at one time or another.
    they say that cooking is an art and baking is a science. ’tis possible you are more art brained 😉

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