Myles and myself have been making Christmas crackers for the kids to pull on Christmas Day. We’ve even managed to get hold of some snaps to create the bang (if they manage to pull them apart as I’ve used far too much sticky tape).


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  1. Let’s face it, with all the billion and one things you must have to do, you are either. very, very organised ,or….crackers! ( Probably a bit of both!) I got some snaps one year and with my never ending supplies of loo rolls (they’ll be needing their own blog spot soon, they’d already had their bog spot), set about making crackers. They didn’t snap, the hats were crap, and my daughter decided she didn’t like crackers anyway! All in all, very successful- I’ve never had to make or buy any ever again! It’s nice to see Bonnie and Arnie willing to “help”. Here’s wishing you and your delightful Doodle Dudes a ..very happy Christmas, and thank you for sharing your life and making mine so much happier. Take care, Angie dear xx


  2. Merry Christmas love… and watch it… I think Arnie is after your wine! 😀 xxx


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