Happy Christmas.

I’m hemmed in by a sea of wrapping paper, a huge fluffy glow in the dark unicorn, a talking robot, random lego and a Hadrian’s wall of toys. The kids are having a whale of a time as I’m on cleaning strike.

Hope yours was a peaceful one with lots of sprouts.
hibernate 2014

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  1. No sprouts, lots of broccoli.


  2. I love your daily commentary on life in the Stevens household. My reward for going to bed early (the next morning) or a prod to get there soon (late at night). Thank you, your pictures make me smile.


  3. Peaceful, with a lot of sprouts? Is that possible?! I’m glad your children had a lovely time, I hope you did too, and that you don’t have too many lego-inflicted bruises. Keep topping up the wine and you’ll barely notice them ( the lego bruises and/or the children/ mess etc!) x


  4. Hi there
    Thank you very much for the daily pick me up! It is such
    a pleasure that you bring to so many people.
    Once again, thank you so very much


  5. Good to know I am not the only one that took that day off (:


  6. And a Totoro, looks like. Happy Christmas to you and yours as well.


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