The Tin Soldier.

Ah, forgot how it ended, oops. Definitely not Disney…Yes Evie it was a terrible ending…(for the soldier and the ballerina).
Sorry they melted and burned in the fire.
Evie is disgusted that a child would do that to his toys, Gruff can’t get over that the child has access to a real fire (not worrying at all…).

tin soldier

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  1. I haven’t read that one, but I know that I wouldn’t read Grimm’s Fairy Tales to my daughter for the same reason (when she was little).



  2. I completely agree with them. I Read that story I was little, and was somewhat disgusted.


  3. Haha, oh no! I know I have a book of fairy tales that I wont be reading my kids anytime soon! Some of the villians do simply horrible things!


    • Oh no please do! They were more outraged than upset! You’d be amazed at your children’s response. Evie is adamant that if a girl had got hold of the soldier, she’d had never chucked him in the fire!

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      • Don’t worry, I will someday! My 4 yo has a sensitive little soul and I’m afraid it would really upset him now. But I think in another year or two he will be old enough!


  4. A ‘fairy tale ending’?


  5. Yes, I remember being traumatised when I was a child. by that and other fairy tales when I was a child. My mum tried the “they’re together in death and still in love” ( heart in the fire), but I never bought that rubbish!


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