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It’s late, there has been wine involved.

The hunter gatherer…

…has done her weekly shop and chooses to carry all her bags to the house in one go, (as she’s too stubborn to go back to the car more than once).
Hunter gatherer

Lesson learned.

Bonnie caught the scent of another dog whilst we were out on our walk today. She raced towards a large hedge and ploughed straight in to say hello and came out with her tail between her legs followed by a very, large german shepherd dog.
That’ll learn you…
lesson learned

Chickens and me.

I even had an egg laid in gratitude for me cleaning out their house. What appreciation!
cleaning out the coop


I’m so sorry Evie, you didn’t dream it, it is Monday.
mondayitis 2

The watering hole.

I have never known a dog that drinks as noisily as Bonnie. She makes a drainage machine sound polite.
watering hole

Friday love.

For Millie, the homework is done and the weekend stretches out in front of you like an eternity. Bliss.
friday love

Cleaning time.

Always a little strange when Arnie sits upright and cleans his belly…
clean cat

The silent treatment.

I put Evie’s hair in bunches this morning. It was the wrong decision…
silent treatment


Tricky things to put on unless they are permanently attached to your feet….

Ice pictures.

It’s hard to stay focused on scraping the ice off the car when the kids are shouting, “draw me a vampire!”
It could catch on as long as you can drive safely….
ice carving

There’s no place like crate.

no place like crate

Still life.

still life


Millie’s off on an adventure weekend with her school tomorrow. It’s going to be cold so I’ve packed loads…

Parents’ evening.

We had our first one for Millie at her high school tonight and it went really well. She’s settled well and is working hard and I’m so very proud of her. We tried not to be embarrassing….honestly.
not cool

That snowy feeling…

…you know, that feeling you get when you finish school for the day and you find out it’s snowing.
that snowy feeling

Ginger goes to school.

I took Ginger into school today to as Reception class are studying pets and animals and they wanted to meet a chicken. Ginger was very well behaved. She was quite happy to be fed corn and have her feathers stroked.
ginger goes to school

Party leopard.

Evie wanted to go dressed as a leopard to a party this afternoon.
No dress, no pretty top, just the “big cat look.”
Why not.

party leopard


Call me childish but running past Bonnie and overtaking her, really gets on her nerves, (snigger).


Gruff has outgrown his favourite stripy jumper. The hunt begins for its successor…


Je Suis Charlie.

je suis charlie

The Dad sofa.

Nothing like a cuddle with Dad at the end of a busy school day.
dad sofa


The worst Monday of all Mondays is the one straight after Christmas when everyone is back to work and school.


Oh, I appear to have something in my eye…

Nothing to see here.

Shhhh I’m sneaking down the Christmas decorations. My theory is that it will cause less disgruntlement in the ranks.
nothing to see hear

The morning after.

Hello 2015 you’re too bright. Would you mind dimming the lights a little?
the clean up

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