Oh, I appear to have something in my eye…

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  1. Dumbo does it for me. When Mumma Dumbo’s rocking him through the bars of her cage. Slays me every time and i have to leave the room. Damn you, Disney.

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  2. LOL!! Yes!! Bambi or even a Kodak Commercial. Actually, even a special moment on a television show, with the right sound track, I’ll cry!! Whats wrong with me?


  3. Ok, confession time. I cry towards the end of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, at the end of ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ when Li Mu Bai dies, and as the credits roll at the end of Vicente Aranda’s ‘Libertarias’ and the anthem ‘A Las Barricadas’ is being sung.


  4. Watership Down! Every time. This year my two year old daughter asked ‘mummy, why have you got a drip?’! 😭


  5. I always cry at the end of “The Snowman”, but I can’t watch Bambi at all! According to my husband and daughter, I cry at washing powder ads on telly- not quite true, but the Waitrose gingerbread stall one had me blubbing my eyes out, the first ( and only) time I saw it!


  6. Oh I know… me too! And when I was a kid it was even worse! πŸ˜€ xxxxx


  7. You’re not alone in this… how do you cope with Dumbo? I fall apart every time! πŸ™‚


  8. Hehe, this one had me chuckle πŸ™‚



    Yep! Me too….still haven’t gotten over the trauma of it.


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