Je Suis Charlie.

je suis charlie


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  1. Aujourd hui nous sommes toutes Charlie

  2. V. Kathryn Evans

    Sharing x

  3. Je suis d’accord. Nous sommes tous Charlies.

  4. Raising a pencil in solidarity x

  5. Bonjour, Charlie! (Who is this mysterious Charlie? An imaginary friend or a school exercise that you are “helping” Millie with?!) J’ taime the tres bon unicorn pic on the wall, by the way- Evie’s Christmas present, n’est pas?

    • Oh, so sorry, obviously I’d heard about the atrocious attack on the magazine office, but hadn’t caught the name on the telly news. Sorry for appearing flippant. Je suis Charlie, aussi.

  6. Nous sommes toutes Charlie.

  7. In English, then……….. I’ve worked in France in the Haute Savoie, learned my cooking trade in Paris and today, truly, is a day where the French are showing their inimitable style – and solidarity. Je suis Charlie aussi – thank you for posting.

  8. Me too. Je suis Charlie. Thanks.

  9. Bravo. On est tous Charlie.

  10. Thankyou. Nous sommes tous Charlie. I have fond memories of Cabu on television when my sons were little,we all loved his drawings.

  11. Heroes murdered by cowards

  12. Reblogged this on Mayfair Mum and commented:
    I wanted to share with you this very appropriate blog post by the wonderfully talented Doodlemum in response to yesterday’s atrocities in Paris.

    Here is to freedom of speech. The very foundation of democracy.

    Happy New Year one and all – stay safe and may we all keep talking, writing and illustrating in the free world and beyond.

  13. Good lass. Keep going. Do what you do, keep doing it, and keep doing it because or in spite of circumstance or people: keep being YOU.

    I love what you do, and why you started. More importantly, I love that you keep doing so even now things may have changed. Doesn’t matter.. This is a part of you.. All of it.

    With love..

    Sally, a fellow cartoonist

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  14. Moi aussi. So sad 💜

  15. really excellent drawing

  16. Reblogged this on scribblah and commented:
    A tribute

  17. well done doodlemum. your warm gesture of solidarity moved me to shed some tears 😦

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