Call me childish but running past Bonnie and overtaking her, really gets on her nerves, (snigger).

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  1. Are you an Olympic runner? I couldn’t overtake even a little tog when I was youg enough to run!
    Your link was broken – I came here via Googling you.


  2. Running faster than a porpoise is quite an accomplishment!


  3. It’s thanks to Bonnie tugging on her lead whenever she sees another dog, that you’ve become fast enough to overtake her! She should be glowing with pride at your prowess ( nice bit of alliteration there, ‘though I say so myself”) You know, the equivalent of a proud mother,” modestly” chatting ay the school gates…” Yes, Angie’s winning so many races these days- I coach her myself, up at six, out twice every day, rain or shine!”

    ps I had trouble with the email link, where it said “Comment” and kept getting an “OOPS!” message from WordPress. However, clicking the first “Doodlemum” word underneath your email message led me to your “archive” page, showing yesterday’s lovely “Outgrown” drawing. We’re very dogged ( excuse the pun) followers!


    • Hmmm not sure what happened there with the link. The post gets published and all email followers get sent an email with the link. If it happens tonight, please let me know and I’ll contact WordPress.


  4. And people think dogs don’t have emotions! Right now I’m dealing with a king sized load of jealousy from a beagle who thinks he should go for a walk before the Vizsla! And yesterday, he scooted out fast enough that it happened that way too. I like taking the Vizsla first because he’s so energetic and I need to wear him out. The beagle is much slower, so I can be more tired to do it.



  5. Love your illustrations!


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