That snowy feeling…

…you know, that feeling you get when you finish school for the day and you find out it’s snowing.
that snowy feeling

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  1. Not fair. Didn’t reach the city centre 😡


  2. It has snowed quite heavily here – so much so that I got lost in a blizzard during my run in the woods. It was round about school-coming-out time, as it happened…


  3. Oh yes! There is a Snow Fairy up there, making the snow fall just in time for school let out! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! I’ve just seen the BBC breakfast news, with the terrible shock that 1-2cm, yes, cm, not feet, of snow has fallen on some roads so panic is setting in. Why do we in Britain always get caught out/shocked by winter weather, in…..winter?! Canadians don’t! Enjoy it whilst it lasts.x


  4. On the Gulf Coast it hardly ever snows, but when it does the schools let the kids out to play in the flakes.


  5. Oh yes! It’s just brilliant!!!! 🙂


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