Parents’ evening.

We had our first one for Millie at her high school tonight and it went really well. She’s settled well and is working hard and I’m so very proud of her. We tried not to be embarrassing….honestly.
not cool

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  1. Bravo, Millie, well done! I’m glad you’re settling in well and are happy at school. You should be very proud of yourself, even if you did have to sit next to your parents in public! I have bad news for you- it’s almost parents’ duty to embarrass their children in public- some don’t have to try very hard…hahaha!x


  2. I love your sketches!!! You should have a book!


  3. Last year, dont ask me how or why it happened…but i ended up singing to my son’s Spanish teacher. A warning was given to myself before we headed to this year’s parents evening…


    • That’s fantastic, well done! It’s called “Parents’ Evening,” therefore it’s only right and fitting that the parents have a good time….they don’t usually get out much!

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