Ice pictures.

It’s hard to stay focused on scraping the ice off the car when the kids are shouting, “draw me a vampire!”
It could catch on as long as you can drive safely….
ice carving

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  1. What are these kids watching that they’re demanding vampire pictures? That’s one of those “Calgone” moments when you turn and flash some scary face to shut them up. πŸ˜› Pipe down, you little imps! Mommy’s trying to spare your lives!


  2. Whenever there’s snow on our car, I always write “You know nothing…”



  3. Give them a scraper each and let the little blighters draw their own… never know, it might buy you five more minutes in the warm, with your hands round a hot cup of tea! (Although your kids will be dripping wet, just as you need to get them to school!)

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  4. I agree! It would be fun to let them try it, maybe on a day when you’re not immediately going out so they can come back in and get dry again!!


  5. My dad used to scrape the car windows, then act terrified when he saw me inside. Thanks for bringing back a sweet memory!


  6. haha that’s what you get for being a Doodlemum πŸ˜€


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