The silent treatment.

I put Evie’s hair in bunches this morning. It was the wrong decision…
silent treatment

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  1. Bad Mom! Did your mind reading abilities take a hike? Ha ha ha ha.



  2. haha! She looks so grumpy. When we were in school, we had no choice. Everyone had to make two ponies or plaits, and pin back any fringes off your forehead and you only got out of it if you had a boy cut. Lol, it was a great equalizer though – you could never make fun of someone else because you looked just as silly 🙂


  3. I know that look……. XD


  4. Oh dear. Your’re getting to the stage where you can’t win.


  5. I’m amazed that Evie doesn’t give you step-by- step, day-by- day instructions for her coiffeur (?!). My daughter, at 3, would not have let me choose her hair style! I think the bunches are lovely, by the way.


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