Lesson learned.

Bonnie caught the scent of another dog whilst we were out on our walk today. She raced towards a large hedge and ploughed straight in to say hello and came out with her tail between her legs followed by a very, large german shepherd dog.
That’ll learn you…
lesson learned

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  1. So funny. My dog has definitely experienced this one before!


  2. Our Vizsla did that to a beagle walking down the street and ended up with a beagle hanging from his face. The owner was very apologetic, but it was our fault for not having him leashed quickly enough when we left the house. It served him right though – just because he can rough house his beagle doesn’t mean he can do that to any beagle he sees.


  3. But surely Bonnie is part giraffe?


  4. There will always be bigger dogs, but few with such a waggly tail as Bonnie.


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