The hunter gatherer…

…has done her weekly shop and chooses to carry all her bags to the house in one go, (as she’s too stubborn to go back to the car more than once).
Hunter gatherer

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  1. We should call ourselves Diana, The Huntress! That’s how it feels after going out for provisions to feed and clothe the hordes inside the house.

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  2. and we think computers are the reason for wrists that hurt.


  3. I nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award! I love your blog so much! Follow this link and scroll down:


  4. I’m hearing David Attenborough… a choir singing ‘Myfanwy’… inna documentary stylee…


  5. You should keep a sledge in the boot of the car.. a bit like Santa’s sleigh, only with more bread and fewer annoying toys needing batteries!


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