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Little chocolate eggs with a toy inside…

Oh god, I’ve spent half an hour trying to assemble a little plastic car complete with little plastic stickers to induce this screaming meltdown of disappointed five year old.
i dont want this one

Look out here comes the…

Raided Evie’s pencil case tonight…
look out here comes

Different strokes.

Left my pens in Evie’s room and I don’t want to wake her up so I’ve borrowed Millie’s pens instead…

New chicks on the block.

Our new chickens, they’re just 16 weeks old. The kids have already named them, Chickaletta and Lady Clucky.
new chicks

Pack your lunch.

I’m hoping if I stare at them long enough, they’ll make themselves.

Words you never thought you’d say.


Food for thought.



It was just a flippant comment but so sad to hear from my lovely, bright seven year old.

Look at all the lovely animals.



All in order of colour. Don’t do what I did and throw them all in in one go.
There was riots until I put them back in their colour groups.


The hairball look.

It’s that look of surprise, like he never knew this happened to all cats.
Like Gruff and burping really.

The best way to fight flu.

Gruff’s got it right, arm yourself wisely.
Oh and Arnie, I’m sure you’ll get your sofa back soon…
arm yourself

And so it continues.

Lots of flu in the house at the moment. Gruff is now ill and Millie is just starting to eat again after four lovely days of fainting, fever and coughing.
Hopefully tomorrow we’ll see happier faces.
ill boy


Someone stick the kettle on, I need a cup of tea.

Bedside manner.

Gruff came home very tearful and complaining of a bad belly tonight. Whilst I was getting him some medicine, Evie popped upstairs to get his favourite teddies and she even got one for Millie too.
bedside manner


Millie’s still ill, she couldn’t even watch a whole eposiode of Dr Who.

Get well soon.

Millie came home from school tonight and collapsed into bed. She’s stayed there and missed her dinner which is not like her at all. Evie decided she needed cheering up with a lovely picture quietly slipped under her door.
My drawing though didn’t fare as well tonight because my mind is elsewhere so I thought I treat you to a page of my “bloomers”.
After all, I am a doodlemum and my mind is on my kids today, especially Millie.
get well soon

Dinosaur hospital…

…is now opening it’s doors. From sore necked sauropods to carnivorous meat eaters with cavities, it’s all swiftly dealt with a heap of bandages, cotton wool and a kiss better.
The doctor will see you now…
dino hospital

Quiet house.

It’s very quiet here tonight as the kids have all gone for a sleepover at their Auntie’s house.
Arnie’s making the most of it.

Let your kids cook.

No really, do! Evie made the pizza with me tonight and it was absolutely fantastic! Not a soggy bottom in site.
evie can cook

Talking the animals for a walk.

Arnie is always waiting for us to return from the park. He likes to do the final few metres with the dog. It’s funny how things have changed from when we first got Bonnie. Now, he’ll happily drink out of her water bowl without any fuss.
walking the animals

Ice breaker.

It’s cold at the moment, having to break the girls ice every morning.
ice breaker

Snakes and ladders.

Oh dear. It’s too much for Gruff, he fell down a snake. Losing is never fun but it’s very hard work when you’re five years old.
snakes and ladders

My Daddy, the Norman.

Myles came into Evie’s and Gruff’s school on Friday to show the children what a Norman dressed like, lived like and of course, fought like. I think it went very well!
norman dad

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