Snakes and ladders.

Oh dear. It’s too much for Gruff, he fell down a snake. Losing is never fun but it’s very hard work when you’re five years old.
snakes and ladders

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  1. The board isn’t flying across the room with rices scattered everywhere. That’s not bad going, Gruff.


    • ‘Rices’? What was auto-correct thinking! That’d be a weird way to play Snakes & Ladders! PIECES. I meant ‘pieces’.
      Note to self: proof-read before hitting reply.


      • I agree- if you can lose without up-turning the board and scattering the pieces everywhere, you’re half way to accepting defeat! One of my brothers would always upturn the board if losing…..even at the age of 15!

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  2. “Will you remember the famous men
    who had to fall to rise again,
    and pick yourself up, dust yourself off,
    start all over again…”


  3. The Laughable Cheese

    That game frustrates me at times, and I’m an adult. So yeah. My kids both hate* losing. Losing is no fun.


  4. One of the hardest lessons for a child to learn is how to lose gracefully – we can’t always win, so we must be happy for the person who wins instead.

    Angie did you get an email from me? I wondered if I had the right address.


  5. Ah, poor Gruff! Can’t you sneak a chocolate button at the tail end of certain snakes? There’s a horrendously long one just near the finish line, that I always land on, and end up at the start again….a teeny treat would sweeten defeat ( Oooh- a pome! (That’s a tiny, crap poem)))


  6. We’ve had that game played a lot lately too. The response we usually here is “awww man!”


  7. Difficult to take at any age when you think that you’re about to win, and then land on the head of the very last snake!

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  8. One of my childhood moments 😀


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