Talking the animals for a walk.

Arnie is always waiting for us to return from the park. He likes to do the final few metres with the dog. It’s funny how things have changed from when we first got Bonnie. Now, he’ll happily drink out of her water bowl without any fuss.
walking the animals

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  1. Hurry up, Arnie, or Bonnie will have slurped all her water out of the bowl, and there’ll be none left for you!


  2. Our neighbors cat follows when she walks the dog. It’s a regular parade coming down the street, just like you.



  3. Aaawww I love your dear little animals


  4. But you try putting a lead on Arnie, and he’ll be off


  5. Our cat once she got used to the dog was the boss, no messing with her!


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