Get well soon.

Millie came home from school tonight and collapsed into bed. She’s stayed there and missed her dinner which is not like her at all. Evie decided she needed cheering up with a lovely picture quietly slipped under her door.
My drawing though didn’t fare as well tonight because my mind is elsewhere so I thought I treat you to a page of my “bloomers”.
After all, I am a doodlemum and my mind is on my kids today, especially Millie.
get well soon

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  1. What a lovely insider take of how you put together a few simple ‘lines’ (yeah, sure!) and magic happens – I so often forward your blogs to friends, just so telling sometimes!


  2. I did a page of bloopers this evening too. Some days are like that.


  3. Sending healing thoughts to Millie. And smiles to Evie.


  4. Puir wee soul. Hugs frae ‘Auntie Marie’.


  5. Wish my ‘bloomers’ were that good!
    Hope Millie is soon feeling better.


  6. Lovely drawings in spite of your worries. Hope Millie gets well sooner than soon 🙂


  7. Poor Millie. Is this the dreaded winter lurgy? It seems to be rather virulent this year, so I hope she soon feels better.


  8. I hope you get well soon, Millie dear, I hope you recover in time for the school holiday!

    Angie- this is a fascinating glimpse into how your doodles are made, thank you very much. The end result is exquisite, but the work in progress is really heartening for those of us with only one hundredth of your talent! I hope Millie recovers soon, and that the rest of you stay well. x


  9. I hope Millie feels better soon. X


  10. Poor Millie – hope she’s all better soon.


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