Bedside manner.

Gruff came home very tearful and complaining of a bad belly tonight. Whilst I was getting him some medicine, Evie popped upstairs to get his favourite teddies and she even got one for Millie too.
bedside manner

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  1. It is charming how you depict the almost imperceptible daily growing up your children are doing. Millie and Gruff: Feel better soon.


  2. I agree with VivinFrance! Your drawings tell the story so well, but it will be great to see the children back up running about as usual. Hope you’re not too tired looking after everyone and great to see help from big sister. Get well soon! 🙂


  3. Margaret Wilkinson

    aaaah hate it when our children are ill hope they all get better soon good luck mxxx


  4. Well done, Nurse Evie- all that practice on dinosaurs has come in handy! I hope Millie and Gruff perk up soon, and that Nurse Evie doesn’t catch it. xx


  5. Hope the poorly ones are better soon. Love the five star nursing from Evie.



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