And so it continues.

Lots of flu in the house at the moment. Gruff is now ill and Millie is just starting to eat again after four lovely days of fainting, fever and coughing.
Hopefully tomorrow we’ll see happier faces.
ill boy

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  1. So Sorry to see the kids are so unwell love. It’s a bad one this year and myself and the girls have all had it, plus Cath of course so we all know! Takes some time to shift too so give them all our love and wrap them up well until they are all fully better. A Great Big Hug to you all. S. xxxxxxxxx


  2. I hope everyone feels better soon–it’s so hard when little ones are sick.


  3. Kids bounce, thank God.


  4. Oh no Doodle family, get well soon x


  5. Poor little chap, get well soon everyone! And keep well yourself! 🙂


  6. Oh, poor wee scrap- he does look hot and bothered. I hope you manage to stay well, Angie. Is Nurse Evie still well enough to help out?


  7. Get well soon! I love your drawings. So simple, yet so meaningful and artistic. 🙂 keep up!


  8. Things do get better 🙂


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