It was just a flippant comment but so sad to hear from my lovely, bright seven year old.

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  1. NO NO NO….. you do NOT have fat legs, Evie, you just have legs. Even Arnie looks sad at this comment. x

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  2. Hihihi! Kids will be kids!


  3. Many things make us hate our bodies – mostly societal pressure. It’s alarming to find it starting so young. Doodle, keep an eye on this, without being intrusive. I hope this is just a passing thing.

    I have a particular dysmorphic condition myself. It is difficult to live with. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.

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  4. But as my OH says: they keep your bum off the ground…

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  5. Hate it, hate it, hate it. My seven year old – all skin, bones and unstoppable energy – says the same. I struggle to know how to respond 😦


    • I do. Be her role model. Show her through your actions. Tell her being strong and having a healthy active body is better than being weak.
      Tell her that being fat and feeling fat are two very different things and explain why this is.

      Show her how happy you are in your own skin and she will copy you.

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  6. awww… bless her heart. Where does that stuff come from? Make sure she know’s she’s beautiful.


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