Food for thought.


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  1. They know how to work us, don’t they?


  2. Haw, Dalai bloody Lama! Ye’ll no’ be wantin’ yer afters, then!


  3. Did you draw that? Sorry I am new to this site.


  4. That’s a flippin’ brilliant excuse- I’ve never heard it before, anywhere! However, everyone knows that Yogis don’t eat puddings ( although I do happen to have a few boxes of Yogi tea in my cupboard, all with “handy” mottos on each label, such as…”A flower looks different to a camel”. I really couldn’t say.)


  5. my daughter always tell me that “she is not hungry for food but hungry for jelly or cool drink” all you can do is laugh by the way she is turning 4 shes much to cheeky for her size 🙂


  6. That Girl Over There

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