Words you never thought you’d say.


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  1. Today mine was ” your Barbie horse can pretend to drink my coffee but please do not stick it’s foot in my coffee again!”


  2. Haha I can’t express enough how much I can relate to random objects magically becoming weapons (2 small boys)


  3. Mine was, “Take the baby Jesus out of your mouth right now!”


  4. Wrong you are. The Jedi use anything can.


  5. I take it Gruff is fully recovered…


  6. This one really made me laugh our loud on a cold Monday morning!


  7. How could you?! Next up, you’ll be telling them that dinosaurs are dead…


  8. My personal favourite was: “Don’t fart in your sister’s face! No, even if she asks you to!”

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  9. new to your space! very interesting space 😀


  10. Mine: Get that Shetland pony out of my kitchen!!!


  11. It could be, if it’s a coke “light.” 😉


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