Pack your lunch.

I’m hoping if I stare at them long enough, they’ll make themselves.

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  1. Oh my gosh…I remember those days of making lunches and trying to come up with new ideas.


  2. If it works, let me know the secret. It is the same with laundry – or, as we like to call it, Mount Clothesmore.


  3. The thing is, you know that after all your efforts, the chances are that the little blighters ( sorry, your darling children), will leave half of their sandwiches/and or tell you they were “manky”! Where’s the Sarnie Fairy when you need her most? (I know, in my dreams!)


  4. I remember those days. For awhile I made them pack their own. Then the kids couldn’t complain.


  5. Zeona van de Water

    Next time you pack their lunches, you should add a copy of this drawing to their sandwiches, it’s hilarious! 😊


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