Little chocolate eggs with a toy inside…

Oh god, I’ve spent half an hour trying to assemble a little plastic car complete with little plastic stickers to induce this screaming meltdown of disappointed five year old.
i dont want this one

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  1. Jings! When did Gruff get to be such a prima donna? :O


  2. I hate those eggs. Kids are always disappointed



    my grandchildren love to unpack the eggs, to eat the chocolate but they don’t love to assemble the little car or plane or….
    the plastic sticks are tiny for kids 5 years old


  4. That’s why I never bought my daughter those., disappointment and/or frustration guaranteed. I was in the Co-op the other day and a little girl with her daddy said “hello” to me and proudly waved her “little chocolate egg with plastic tat inside”, saying…”Look what I’ve got!” I’m not usually mean spirited, but I did , at that moment, produce a 500ml tub of Cream O’ Galloway sticky toffee ice cream from my wheelchair. I managed to refrain from gloating… Much safer to buy a tub of ice cream, or bar of chocolate….then eat it all yourself whilst 5 year old melts down!


  5. Haha! This drawing is brilliant. A completely accurate depiction of a 5 year old meltdown!


  6. I know this problem well. Also have had two males charging around the house claiming to be Spiderman, one aged 6 ( in 5 days) and one aged 27!

    Your doodles are brightening my day as always 🙂


  7. Hope you enjoyed the rugby and St David’s Day. I know how to say “Happy St David’s Day”, but no idea how to spell it!


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