Happy St David’s Day.

The kids have compiled our list of the best things about Wales. Can’t fault them!
st davids day 2015

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  1. There’s a Joe’s Ice Cream on the end of my uncle’s road, in Swansea. I love it! πŸ™‚

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  2. Excuse me? WHERE was Rugby invented? You’ll be saying ‘Cricket’ next, just because Glamorgan has a 1st class county team! πŸ˜€


  3. The English invented Rugby. The Welsh made it beautiful.


  4. Place names no one can pronounce, with all the vowels removed? Welsh rules scrabble, for the same reasons? Leeks? I went to a school in Yorkshire, but we had a Welsh headmaster and a Welsh history teacher. The headmaster was very tall, and wore a tiny daffodil badge in his lapel on St David’s Day, the history man was really short and plump, and wore a MASSIVE real leek in his! Wishful thinking?! I hope you had a fab St David’s w/e, watching Wales win at rugby. x ps Glad to see that Evie is still brave enough to wear her Welsh outfit- she looks just like a treasured doll I had, at her age. x


    • Oh she loves wearing her Welsh costume. I think there will be a few more years of her wearing them. Gruff didn’t want to wear his shirt at all and Millie has to wear her school uniform anyway.


  5. My Great-Grandmother and Mother-in-Law both came from Wales too πŸ™‚ Wales produces wonderful women! (not sure about the men, having not met any)
    A Happy (slightly belated) St. David’s day x

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