You’ll have to go through my dog if you want to pick a fight.

Yes Mr nasty, barky German Shepherd dog, this cat has his own dog,(and human to open the door).
arnies protector

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  1. And what did Bonnie think of all this?



  2. Adorable! I just discovered you and your art πŸ™‚

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  3. It was our cat who used to open the door (and steal food) for the dog!


  4. Actually, Bonnie looks terrified herself….open that door, NOW!


  5. Trained monkeys AND a trained canine. Arnie ROCKS!


  6. love it, i have a German Shepherd cross and a Cairn terrier cross who thinks she’s a cat!!

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  7. Aww this is so cute! Love it! πŸ˜€


  8. My door is totally voice-activated. They only need to meow.


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