There’s a lot more arms and legs these days but they still manage it!
hugs mar 2015

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  1. this is adorable!! I look forward to seeing your drawings – you are so talented. They always seem to warm my heart! ❤


  2. This is just so adorable. You really captured the sweetness of a family hug!


  3. Your drawing are so sweet and I really love the socks!


  4. This is so lovely! If I’d ever got that close to two of my siblings (I’m one of seven),I would be being beaten up, not hugged! I’m glad that although their legs are longer, they still have stripy socks on their feet, but where’s poor Bonnie? (Or are her legs just too long to compete with all the others already on the sofa?) . Thank you, Angie, for another delightful snapshot of your family- one for all of you to treasure for many years.


  5. Your doodles are the best, they speak volumes. This is the sweetest, warmest image.

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  6. So sweet!!!! Warms me.


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    Hugs. Simply amazing. 🙂


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