Feel it, draw it.

Not sure where she gets that from…
drawing millie

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  1. Happy to see you, to see her.
    Kisses from Madrid, Spain


  2. Happy to see the cat too!!


  3. Hmm.. Wonder where?


  4. That is our cat’s signature move. We call it “The Dangle” and he can be found anywhere in the house with one paw casually hanging from wherever he is perched, hoping to snag an unsuspecting victim.


  5. Minority report: Is there anything nicer in the world than a kid in coloured socks?


    • Three kids in coloured socks? I always bought stripy socks ( and babygrows, t shirts, hats etc ) for my daughter. She is now nearly 29, and after a brief hiatus in her early teens without stripes, she has plenty of stripy socks back in her drawer!


  6. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.


  7. Fantastic! Another Angie in the making!


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