It’s not going to end well…

I cant stand going back for something if I think I can carry it, even if it’s too heavy or awkward. It was all going really well until I got stuck in the doorway and my washing exploded.
show off


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  1. that is me with laundry, shopping bags, dishes…and it never goes well

  2. I’m the same way. When I come home from grocery shopping, I’ll grab as many bags as I can carry. I had so many bags in my hands one time I couldn’t even open the front door lol.

  3. I know exactly what you mean I feel the same way. The drawing depicts this perfectly. I love it. Story of my life = laundry!! ugh!! Oh and I think you dropped some socks. 🙂 LOL

  4. This is me trying to carry groceries into my house!

  5. You have a house full of Smurfs, dear, of which you are commander (one would hope).

  6. Yup the feeling of not looking back once down the stairs, this is not only the story of my life, but the picture has just reset my conscious and reminded me of tomorrow.

  7. Sorry to laugh, but it is very funny, and very well drawn! When we moved into our small bungalow, there simply wasn’t space for a laundry tub in the bathroom, as it has to accommodate my wheelchair, but we have an amazing “undercroft”- (a cellar in bungalows or cathedrals, apparently). My mad -prof hubby cut a door into the side of the bath, made a chute out of something or other, with an old tea chest just below it, next to the washing machine, in the undercroft. It’s a very popular activity, opening the bath door and chucking dirty washing down the chute! You need a chute!

    • I think my kids would see that as a slide! 😀

      • Well, when Charles first made it, my then 14 year old daughter and her friend peered at it, looked at each other, and simultaneously said.. “Claire would fit down there!” If anyone’s stuffing duvet covers down, they sometimes give them a helping shove with their foot- only to find that they then need a hand to get out! (For all health and safety officers out there, it is too narrow for even a toddler to fall through!)

  8. And if it lands in the mud, it’s all to do agai. Oh dear.

  9. Ah yes, the classic ‘lazy-man’s load’ as my Granny used to call it….

  10. LOL… I’m exactly like that too!! I always end up working more than had I simply walked twice… 😀

  11. Love the doodle! Yeah, I carry in 7 or 8 grocery bags strung on my arm and turning my wrist purple so I won’t have to make another trip.

  12. I wanted to say I really enjoy your blog!! Your blog is so original, and I love each drawing that you post!! I wanted to let you know that I was nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I was nominated, and I think you should be too!! Keep up the awesome blog 🙂 To find out more what it all means check out my post all about it:

  13. Your work reminds me of the illustrations in Roald Dahl’s work; it’s lovely!

  14. Ha ha! Totally me! I love to fit things in between each and every finger, especially when I get out of my car after work. Breakfast shaker bottle, water bottle, phone, jacket, handbag, lunch bag. Something ALWAYS ends up doing. I never learn.

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