Lego sweeper.

That tail…
lego sweeper

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  1. Oh NO!! This has happened with other things in our home!! EEEK!!!


  2. Made me laugh! I remember our dog doing the same with the same cries of despair 🙂


  3. This made me laugh! I remember similar cries of despair from our children 🙂


  4. Oh poor Gruff…..and poor you- you’ll be finding tiny lego pieces that have been swept across the room and under sofas, for weeks. Mind you, that’s probably a daily occurrence, anyway!
    Swish that tail, Bonnie….can’t you attach a duster to the end of it?!


  5. This is so cute and so true! Love it!


  6. I feel for Gruff as so much time, patience and special skill can go into making lego creations . But that tail! haha, whip like but so full of joy. My own gangly, who can be forgiven anything – almost, dog has one just like it 🙂


  7. Just fabulous. We have vast experience in enthusiastic tails!


  8. Legos REALLY hurt when you step on them. It feels like stepping on a bear trap. I’m amazed that the dog didn’t get hurt from sitting on them. Laugh out loud.


  9. Oh…. have you been at my house?! Happens nearly every day 😉


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