Grandpa’s star.

grandpas star

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  1. May it shine brightly. Big hugs x

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  2. Awe, I love love love this! That is so sweet!


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    I know I just reblogged something here, but I Doodlemum, who always has fun family artwork, struck this up, and it touched my heart! Check out Doodlemum’s blog for much more artwork, a wonderful sight!


  4. My grand Uncle just died and it made me think of him. thanks


  5. May it shine brightly and bring your children some comfort, even on a cloudy night. x


  6. This is so sweet! May it shine brightly!


  7. This is precious. We lost my mother-in-law unexpectedly last month. It’s been incredibly hard. This picture is so sweet and comforting. 🙂


  8. ❤


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    J’imagine bien Mini Puce dire ça dans quelques années. ❤


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