Eclipse now.

We’ve made our viewer out of a cereal box for tomorrows 85% partial eclipse. I will correct Gruff on his description once I stop finding it amusing….

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  1. Brilliant! This made me chuckle too


  2. Such fun – I wish we could see it here!


  3. That’s a good one. We all spend time waiting on the apocalypse too!


  4. We have 95% here. How much have you got?

    (Personally I’m looking forward to seeing the Four Horsemen of the Eclipse. 😀 ]


  5. Well done, Gruff- that’s exactly what early man thought- (not the women, natch), although with more dread, less excitement and no cereal boxes!


  6. Or even the elipse. Mind you apocalypse could be prophetic,


  7. Glad to see that the family is prepared for this monumental event! 🙂


  8. We had a plan for if the zombies came: a lock-in in M&S. With no zombies and very little to see if the eclipse (thanks clouds) it was underwhelming all round.


  9. Hahahahahaha!


  10. Seriously, my sides are aching with laughter…


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