Releasing the flow.

Evie likes nothing better when she gets home from school than to pull her hair bobbles out and let her hair down. We loose her face to an avalanche of hair.
wild tresses

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  1. I always look forward to your doodles, they make me smile!!!


  2. This drawing makes me feel very nostalgic. My mother used to despair of me as every morning she would neatly pleat my hair and tie ribbons at the end and every day I would come home from school looking like I had been raised by wolves and maybe one ribbon if she was lucky. I am still a tomboy scruff but she obviously has not pleated my hair in many a moon so hopefully she despairs less.


  3. i like your doodles !! they so cute..


  4. Yay, let your hair down, Evie! I plait my hair every night to keep it off my face, but come the morning, when they’re tugged out,I look like a haystack, according to my husband! The only trouble is finding those pesky bobbles….


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