Boxed in.

Down all toys, there is a box in the room!

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  1. Adorable. As always. 🙂


  2. So very, very true. Having just moved into a new home last August, we’ve had a series of boxes generated from new furniture. The kids immediately grab them to create whatever springs to mind. But then they won’t part with them. Our family living room was embarrassingly filled with boxes for a while. I love their imaginations, however, so it’s difficult to complain.


  3. Great drawing! My fondest childhood memories involve an empty refrigerator box that lived in my back yard for months! Try to find a book called “Christina Katarina and the Box”. I bet your children will love it. Mine did when they were little.


  4. I didn’t like boxes, I liked putting a kitchen stool on its side and pretending it was a motorbike with a ‘dustbin’ fairing.


  5. This was a great favourite with my children and grandchildren.


  6. Yay…a BOX! (An enormous one, by the look of it.) Would you believe this…I saw a website selling cardboard dolls’ houses, which were literally just painted on the outside, no internal features, no opening doors or windows…obviously for people with more money than imagination! Keep Arnie out- it’ll be scratch city in there!


  7. So cute. My daughter saw this one and immediately said, ” Schroedinger’s children!” She decided the cat was running this experiment to see the effect of two children in the closed box rather than one. 😉

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