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Ninja club.

Trained by the cat in the art of stealth and all things ninja…
ninja club

Wear something casual…

I think this supersedes space-trouser-gate
wear something casual

In the greenhouse.

This year I’m growing dog…
grwoing dog


fluffy apr 2015

Space trousers.

Nasa have got it all wrong, all you need to go into space is a decent pair of space trousers…
space trousers

Friday night’s alright for drawing.

We all like a treat in our house on a Friday as a kind of reward for making it through the week. It was new sketchbooks today, a big hit. It’s so lovely seeing my children having the same excitement at getting a new sketchbook and racing off to grab their pencils and pens! I still get excited at the thought of a new sketchbook too!

friday nights alright for drawing

Tough day.

It’s a tea day today. Someone pass me a jaffa cake please.
tea day

The stick collection.

A collection of prize specimen sticks, rare editions and avant garde pieces. Just don’t let the dog get her gnashers on them…

stick collection

I laid an egg.

Ninja is one of the chicks we hatched from last year. She lives up to her name and is very tame too. She likes to tell the world when she’s laid her egg!
I laid an egg

Come dine with Evie.

come dine

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