I laid an egg.

Ninja is one of the chicks we hatched from last year. She lives up to her name and is very tame too. She likes to tell the world when she’s laid her egg!
I laid an egg

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  1. We have a chicken that is blind named “eyeless”


  2. “Back back”? ! I thought chickens went…”Cluck ,cluck” ! Is she trying to ward you greedy humans off her precious egg?!


  3. We can always tell when someone has laid an egg. They sure do like to brag on themselves.


  4. At our place we call it the ‘happy dance’! If I’m in the front garden I can also hear when my neighbours chicken’s have laid an egg.


  5. Lol, one of ours, Barbie (short for Barbecue) is so loud I think her clucking rings off the mountains here and is heard miles away! Proud, I guess, bless them!


  6. Great name! NINJA CHICKEN!


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