Friday night’s alright for drawing.

We all like a treat in our house on a Friday as a kind of reward for making it through the week. It was new sketchbooks today, a big hit. It’s so lovely seeing my children having the same excitement at getting a new sketchbook and racing off to grab their pencils and pens! I still get excited at the thought of a new sketchbook too!

friday nights alright for drawing

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  1. Snap! My boys also get to draw in bed on a Friday night. They all huddle up together on one bed and create comic books or have drawing competitions or pick a theme and all draw something on that theme. I love that art is regarded as a treat in both our households.


  2. Every night is all right for drawing if you ask me! There’s never a bad time for creativity.


  3. The apples don’t fall far from the tree!


  4. I couldn’t agree with you more – on both counts! Always great to make something of Friday night and a new sketchbook is just a world of possibilities! 🙂


  5. What…before they’ve finished their old ones? Isn’t that like having pudding when you’ve refused to eat your stew?! (Just jealousy creeping in here, I think it’s a lovely idea, we all need a reward for getting through a hard week!)


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