Wear something casual…

I think this supersedes space-trouser-gate
wear something casual

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  1. I am quite happy to let my kids pick out their own clothes for now. It makes for some weird and wonderful combinations but if you cannot express yourself in whatever bonkers fashion you want to do through clothing when you are a kid then when can you?

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  2. Love this! Reminds me of my little sisters’ fashion choices! x


  3. You look fabulous, Evie! (And easy to find in a crowd, if you get lost- just don’t wear it to a festival, they’ll all be copying your style!)


  4. thehipandthrifty

    She could by my niece’s clone. Then, I’m one to talk–when I was her age all I wanted to wear was my bucket hat, my overalls with the pocket in the front for treasures, and my yellow, green, blue, and red striped shirt with a hood…and socks with frills on the cuffs. My mother was a patient woman. 😀


  5. Incredible ❤


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